Legal Services Price in EUR
Legal advice (1 hour) 30,-
Composing a letter of attorney 30,-
Composing a letter 30,-
Document processing and analysis 57,-
Composing a letter of complaint 35,-
Compilation of various acts 21,50

Company Registration (complete, with min 2800 EUR) with up to 4 Board Members


Micro-enterprise registration (up to 2 Board members)


Micro-enterprise registration (3 or more Board Members)

Amendments to the Register of Enterprises 57,-
Assistance in license obtaining 72,-
Rental agreement 60,-

Real estate purchase and sale contract (depending on the complexity of the contract)

70 - 200,-

Preliminary real estate purchase and sale contract /earnest money contract

55 – 142,-
Contract for the sale of goods 70,-
Agreement 70,-
Cession contract 70,-
Prenuptial agreement 70,-
Amicable agreement 85,-

The statement of claim to the Court of the First Instance(District Court)

145 – 285,-

The statement of claim to the Court of the Second Instance(Regional Court)

215 – 430,-
Cassation, appeal 500 – 700,-

The application for the insolvency of an individual


The application for the insolvency of a legal entity


Insolvency case management, with the provision of an administrator (per month)

Creditor's claim 90,-

The statement of claim in pretrial warning (warning basis)


The statement of claim in the disputed order without penalty (uncontested basis)


Application for divorce


Application for divorce with the division of marital property and alimony exaction

Heritage mass processing pēc vienošanās

Legal services for individuals and legal entities

pēc vienošanās
Employment contract drafting 40,-
Co-operation agreement 25/50,-
Drawing up the rules of internal order  
Mini 40,-
Midi 60,-
Maxi 100,00
Presence at a notary (1 hour) 50,-

Application for the restoration of legal proceedings

Participation in an auction 150,-
Deed of a gift 57,-
Solution of a tax issue 30,-

Application for postponing the execution of a judicial decision


A petition to the Orphans’ Court (on the matter of hereditary guardianship)